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Featured Stories

Ghana Bound

In the guest room of our house, I stand surrounded by large suitcases and stacks of second-hand laptops. It is a mess of clothes, deflated soccer balls, bags of candy, and early reader books. I leave in four days to deliver these things to a village in Ankaase, Ghana and it seems beyond imaginable that all this will fit into the two suitcases that are open and waiting on the bed. I circle the room and then remind myself to breathe. My husband thinks it’s humorous that I do this, but sometimes my breathing is not deep and peaceful; it is Lamaze-style, as if I am laboring. I stop the nervous shallow breath and inhale and exhale in a ridiculously slow but cleansing manner.

That’s better. » Read more

Spooky Traditions

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. But surprisingly, it was never because of the candy.

When I was a child I always looked forward to the first weekend in October when I’d help my mom find the Halloween folder in the craft drawer. This was well before you could keep information on a zip drive or even a floppy disk. That folder contained a rich family tradition known as ‘The Phantom Ghost.’ Really the contents inside were just two pieces of paper: a hand-drawn ‘Phantom Ghost’ and a clever poem describing what the paper ghost meant. » Read more

Loosening my Grip

It’s true that you never stop parenting, but my two oldest are in college and so I’m allowing myself to take a few deep breaths. It’s possible that the light at the end of the tunnel is simply a train headed our way, but things seem a little calmer these days. They are off at school and during certain weeks are quite uncommunicative. I always take that as a good sign that they are busy and happy. Don’t tell me anything different. » Read more

Pamper Your Mind with Girlfriends

Support, laughter, tears, advice, trust, and good times are all adjectives I would use to describe my cherished female friendships. According to multiple studies, it’s not just my friendships that should be cherished. In fact, the research shows many mental health benefits to these unique relationships. Thanks to the Kappa Delta National Sorority, September 2009 marked the first annual International Women’s Friendship Month. That’s right, it’s September and it’s time to celebrate our girlfriends around the world! » Read more

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